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Giunone Weddings Singapore



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“No gift is more precious than a good advice”

Giunone is the Goddess of Childbirth and Marriage. Many people consider the month of June, which is named after the goddess, to be the most favorable time to marry.
Wedding is the once-in-a-life event. The best weddings are not a chance. The best weddings are very well planned. If you allow us to help you in preparations of such important and intimate day GIUNONE staff will fulfil all your dreams and create a wedding that meets your personal expectations and your loved family.
We will do everything to ensure that you have a stress- free celebration. Our company will handle everything from the accommodation for the guests to bridal venues.
GIUNONE WEDDINGS believes that by making happy people we become as well little bit happier.

Thank you for trusting us and sharing such an intimate and personal moment in your life. See you soon.

Truly yours, Olga.

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